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OnePlaceMail Release 6.1 now available for download

imageToday we made OnePlaceMail R6.1 publically available for download from the Scinaptic website. As with previous releases, R6.1 is available in both the Enterprise Edition and the (Free) Express Edition. Here are the direct links to the relevant information:

OnePlaceMail Release 6.1 is focused on building trust in SharePoint by providing seamless capture of content and delivering the full power of SharePoint within Microsoft Outlook.

With this latest release out the door we are now on the countdown to the Australian and New Zealand SharePoint conferences. Should be great conferences and looking forward to hearing from our customers – hopefully some good ideas for features/enhancements that might make it into the R6.2 timeline?

OnePlaceMail Wins Major Australian Government Deal

It was announced today that OnePlaceMail and partner RecordPoint won the tender for Information and Records Management at Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department.

The RecordPoint platform will be deployed for over 1700 A-G staff in Canberra along with an email integration solution from Scinaptic OnePlaceMail.

Quote from Image & Data Manager (

It’s always great to win a deal, but deals through a partner to government departments are an added pat on the back that you are providing quality software. Firstly to be selected by the partner as the best-of-breed software, and then to come out on top of your competitors in the technical evaluation process associated with the tender.

Countdown to the Australian SharePoint Conference


We are now just a month away from the 3rd annual Australian SharePoint Conference. This year the the venue has changed and 2012 will see Melbourne hosting the event.

The keynote speakers at the event will be Mike Fitzmaurice (VP of Product Technology for Nintex) and Chris Johnson (GM, Provoke Solutions).

OnePlaceMail continues it’s sponsorship of the event (as it has since the inception of the conference). I’ll be on the OnePlaceMail stand in Melbourne so come and say hi. We should be kicking the tyres of OnePlaceMail Release 6.1 by the time of the conference as well so come and take a look.

In true community style, the agenda and line-up of speakers just gets better. A great international and local flavour with 18 MVP’s (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, 2 MCM’s Microsoft Certified Masters). This coupled with over 10 speakers from local industries and a number of other well-known partners and community contributors.


How to encode a string for use in xml

The Problem

When you are constructing xml using the classes from the System.Xml namespace you really don’t need to worry about encoding characters, you simply set the value of an XmlAttribute and the rest is taken care of for you.

There are some instances however where you find yourself constructing a string representation of xml. In my case I was trying to set the content of a dynamic menu in the Office Ribbon. In it’s simplest form what I needed to do was give Office a string which contained the xml definition of all the buttons on my dynamic menu.

This is easy enough to do you just need to be careful and ensure you write valid xml, right? Of course that’s right. But the bit that always gets me is knowing which characters need to be encoded (or escaped), and how to do it.

The Solution

If you’ve already gone to the overhead of creating a XmlDocument or performance of creating an XmlDocument in memory is not an issue, then I like the simplicity of this solution.

/// <summary>
/// Returns an encoded version of the string passed in that
/// is suitable for use in constructing valid XML
/// </summary>
/// <param name="stringToEncode">The string to encode</param>
/// <returns>The string with any reserved chars encoded for use in xml</returns>
public static string EncodeStringForUseInXml(string stringToEncode)
     XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
     XmlElement element = doc.CreateElement("temp");
     element.InnerText = stringToEncode;
     return element.InnerXml;
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