About Me

I’m currently the Chief Technology Officer of OnePlace Solutions and I’m also a 5x Microsoft MVP (M365 Development).

I’m a founding architect and developer of the OnePlace Solutions suite of products which provide awesome integration between Office 365/SharePoint and the desktop. I’m passionate about delivering compelling solutions on the SharePoint platform.

This blog was created mainly to share my battle wounds as I encounter, and hopefully overcome, obstacles in the world of Microsoft 365, Azure, SharePoint, Outlook and OnePlace Solutions. You may also find some early announcements regarding upcoming releases of OnePlace Solutions products and it’s a bit of an unofficial blog from within the OnePlace Solutions development team.

You can find me as @CameronDwyer on Twitter and you may also like to connect with me on LinkedIn.

I am based in Sydney, Australia.


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  2. Hi Cameron

    I just wanted to let you know that I have just included your site’s RSS feed on a new service called “O365.Technology”. O365.Technology will aggregate and categorise content from all of the best blogs covering Office 365, Azure, Exchange, OneDrive, Dynamics etc.

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    Many thanks



  3. HI Cameron – great to have a reliable resource for Office Addin dev… I’m just picking up the Word Addin project I abandoned 2 years ago – then, I at least got to loading and testing code – that was via GitBash. So Yo Office … I’ve followed the instructions, but I’m getting “this library is no longer siupported” messages as well as “WARN Deprecated” – of which the GitHub URL is not helpful. Can you point me somewhere I can just get my addin started again! Thanks Suzy

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