Microsoft Surface will be Available on October 26

According to forms submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the Surface tablet will become available at the same time as Windows 8 (26th October 2012).

A Customized User Experience when Saving Email/Attachments to SharePoint

This article provides a brief introduction to how the OnePlaceMail Plugin API (Application Programming Interface) can be used to provide a user experience that is customized to your requirements and needs. This may include: a simplified user interface (with less options) tight integration with existing backend systems for looking up and setting SharePoint column metadata... Continue Reading →

SharePoint community leaders talking OnePlaceMail

Hot on the heels of the OnePlaceMail R6.2 release hear what the SharePoint community leaders have to say about it. What is OnePlaceMail? OnePlaceMail connects Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. OnePlaceMail promotes the adoption of SharePoint as your enterprise information management and collaboration platform. Available in a... Continue Reading →

Improved access to SharePoint content with new OnePlaceMail Release 6.2

It’s official, Release 6.2 of OnePlaceMail has been launched and is available now for download. It’s been a busy few months here at Scinaptic getting this release ready, and we are excited to see how the new features are received. The new features in this release are primarily focused on making content stored in SharePoint... Continue Reading →

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