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MVP LEGO Me has been busy

I know I should be doing something a little more productive than this, but hey it’s the holiday season and little LEGO MVP me needs to unwind too 🎄

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and successful 2019.

Pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s gone down this rabbit hole…

Microsoft Insider Dev Tour – Sydney 2018

The Insider Dev Tour is such a great event for Microsoft developers, you get the key announcements and latest news that came out of the Build Conference, delivered locally in a more intimate and interactive environment. Best of all it’s a free event put on by Microsoft.

I was very grateful for the opportunity to present two sessions at the Insider Dev Tour in Sydney last week.

  • Create Productive Apps with Office 365
  • Drive User Engagement Across all your Devices with Microsoft Graph

If you attended I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did. The following are links to the resources mentioned during the presentations.

Microsoft Graph Explorer

Adaptive Cards Visualizer

Insider Dev Tour Labs

Github repo of demos from the Create Productive Apps with Office 365 session

Github repo of demos from the Microsoft Graph session



Microsoft MVP Award 2018-2019 Office Development

Cameron Dwyer MVP Office Development Award

Excited, proud, honoured, humbled, grateful, stupidly happy…. all emotions that hit me simultaneously as I opened the email that gave me the news that I had been presented the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for my work in Office Development.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some really awesome people both in the community and at Microsoft through my time at OnePlace Solutions. I love sharing knowledge and hearing what others go on to do with that knowledge. While I started this blog very nervously many years ago, it has been a very rewarding effort through which I’ve received a lot of feedback and gratitude. I’m honoured that so many people subscribe, read my blog and see value in it. A big thank you to all those that have given me support, feedback, advice or simply read one of my articles 🙂

MVP LogoThis award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who share their remarkable passion, real-world knowledge, and technical expertise with others through demonstration of exemplary commitment.



SharePoint community leaders talking OnePlaceMail

Hot on the heels of the OnePlaceMail R6.2 release hear what the SharePoint community leaders have to say about it.

What is OnePlaceMail?

OnePlaceMail connects Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. OnePlaceMail promotes the adoption of SharePoint as your enterprise information management and collaboration platform.

Available in a free Express Edition and an Enterprise Edition as well.


image Joel Oleson (@joeloleson) – SharePoint Evangelist

When I first heard about OnePlaceMail, I thought… "Oh great. Yet another Outlook add-in for adding metadata." The reality was I had sold it short. I didn’t realize they had the ability to render web parts, I didn’t know they had the ribbon integration and didn’t realize it was so well integrated. The folder structure for dragging and dropping is drop-dead simple.

From a governance and adoption perspective, the tools and technology can really help to augment a strategy for meeting your users where they are. It provides the familiar interface of working from Outlook and bridges the gap. IT can configure the client so that it knows what sites, lists or libraries to display in the navigation. The software doesn’t even have to say OnePlaceMail or SharePoint. It can be branded as your collaboration or document solution. Now users won’t have to care about the thousands of places. They can have their half dozen folders, sites, libraries and lists.

If you’re trying to reach your users and make their lives easier, you may have found your match. Scinaptic OnePlaceMail fills a lot of gaps when it comes to meeting users where they are, trying to simplify their lives, and simply just get them using it (SharePoint).

Read Joel Oleson’s full review of OnePlaceMail


image Rene Modery (@modery) – MVP Office 365

Does at least one of the following sound familiar to you?

You received an email in Outlook and want to save either the email itself or its attachments to SharePoint Online (Office 365)?
You have some files in your Office 365 Team Site (or anywhere else in SharePoint Online) and want to email them to somebody else?
Or you want to send links to some files on SharePoint Online to somebody?

A free tool to help you with all this is OnePlaceMail.

I’ve been using it actively for a few months to store important emails quickly in SharePoint Online

Read Rene Modery’s article on OnePlaceMail

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