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SharePoint Conference NA – The photos and my takeaways

SharePoint returning to Vegas, would it work like the days of old? There is certainly something special about the SharePoint community and this conference had that tight knit community feel to it.

Vegas amazes me at the amount of people it seems to just be able to soak up without really skipping a beat, making it the perfect place for hosting a conference. There’s no transport required to venues and endless dining and entertainment options.

We had a really busy time on the OnePlace Solutions booth, a big thank you to everyone who stopped by to see what our latest products are capable of and keeping us busy. We had more quality conversations than we were expecting, and it’s great to hear peoples passion for SharePoint and Office 365 coming through in those conversations.

While there was a lot being announced at the conference, I was happiest to see metadata in SharePoint finally getting some love. I had thought that SharePoint had lost it’s way a little on the metadata front in recent years. Especially in the shift to modern UI for document libraries and lists. I believe it is the metadata that made SharePoint so valuable for building solutions on top of. So I was super excited to see the modern document library webpart receive a big overhaul in it’s support of metadata.

Lists also got a refresh and I think the ability to generate a list (and columns of the right type) by directly importing a spreadsheet is genius. I think is a fairly common work pattern for users to start playing with tabular data in Excel and at some point it becomes valuable to share – providing such a simple way of moving from Excel to SharePoint should drive adoption of SharePoint lists as the central shared location for this data and then provide a wealth options on what can be done with that data once it’s in SharePoint.

I was technically impressed (and surprised) by the augmented reality of SharePoint Spaces and the work that had been done to bring this to the masses. I think it appeals more to the content management space than the document management, file management, collaboration and business workflow process areas I typically work in.

Below is a quick video of my reaction after the keynote.



Photos from the European SharePoint Conference 2017 (Dublin)

Photos from the Australian SharePoint Conference


Thanks to everyone who came and visited us at the OnePlaceMail booth. It’s great to hear from our existing customers and how our recent updates have been making your lives easier! A big thank you to all those brave people that came and introduced themselves, I hope we were able to answer your questions and ensure you left the conference with some valuable knowledge and a pathway forward.

See you at the Australian SharePoint Conference (Sydney)

sharepoint-australia-conference-cameron-dwyer-2013-sponsor-exhibitor-oneplacemailThe SharePoint roadshow is about to roll into town. This year ShareThePoint has organised 2 conferences in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) in addition to the conference in New Zealand. It seems each year the SharePoint community is growing stronger. OnePlaceMail is again a sponsor of these fantastic events and I’m looking forward to the Sydney conference starting next week.

While Microsoft unveiled most of their surprises at the SharePoint conference in Las Vegas late last year, that does not mean this conference is just a rehash of the sessions from Vegas.  Expect to see sessions delivering content with a bit more knowledge and ‘best practice’ than those delivered in Vegas. I like to think of it more as Vegas was ‘hype’ and these conferences will be more of the ‘reality’.

If you are interested in email integration with SharePoint and generally integrating SharePoint better with the desktop then please stop by the OnePlaceMail stand for a chat and live demo of how we can help you.

The OnePlaceMail team have put in a huge effort delivering features on top of the new SharePoint 2013 Site Mailbox architecture and have also published whitepapers and procedures to get you up and running with Site Mailboxes with the minimum of fuss. Come and pick our brains if you are looking at the new Site Mailbox features of SharePoint 2013.

Have a great conference and don’t forget to come by and say hello.

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