Microsoft’s Office 15 Now in Technical Preview

Microsoft’s next version of Office has reached its technical preview stage. The platform is being distributed to a select group of testers which for the first time includes customers; a public beta is due mid 2012. With Office 15 Microsoft is updating the whole suite at once. “For the first time ever, we will simultaneously update... Continue Reading →

One Way To Fix SharePoint’s Outlook Problem

These quotes are taken from an article by Michael Sampson (@collabguy) talking about Outlook, SharePoint, and OnePlaceMail. It's great to see that some of our guiding principles are shining through into the user experience. Microsoft's Outlook-SharePoint integration is terrible OnePlaceMail stands against the overwhelming complexity of SharePoint, helping users adopt those features most relevant to them... Continue Reading →

Five out-of-the-box ways to get Email into SharePoint

One question I’ve been asked countless times is the native integration options of Outlook/Exchange and SharePoint in order to save or transfer email and have it stored in SharePoint. Before I jump into the different integration options available it is important to consider that once you’ve got the email in SharePoint how easy is it... Continue Reading →

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