One Way To Fix SharePoint’s Outlook Problem

These quotes are taken from an article by Michael Sampson (@collabguy) talking about Outlook, SharePoint, and OnePlaceMail. It’s great to see that some of our guiding principles are shining through into the user experience.

Microsoft’s Outlook-SharePoint integration is terrible

OnePlaceMail stands against the overwhelming complexity of SharePoint, helping users adopt those features most relevant to them and their work.

One of the powerful value propositions of OnePlaceMail (other products do this too) is that it eliminates the version/migration headaches with SharePoint and Office applications. This add-on takes whichever version of Office a user has and marries it to whichever version of SharePoint the organization has.

…with the express idea of keeping both products as original as possible

via One Way To Fix SharePoint’s Outlook Problem – The BrainYard – InformationWeek.


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  1. Sure, the quickest way to see if OnePlaceMail is the right product for your situation is to download the free Express Edition (the Enterprise Edition has some more advanced features especially around configuration and centralised rollout of configuration etc but all the main features are in the Express Edition).

    You can download OnePlaceMail Express Edition from

    To connect to your SP2010 environment and start using OnePlaceMail check out the online Quick Start Guide

    If you do not already have a SP2010 environment to test OnePlaceMail against I’d suggest creating an Office 365 trial (the account/site is provisioned within a few minutes). Office 365 is a SharePoint 2010 environment.


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