Free SkyDrive Upgrade from 7GB to 25GB

This week Microsoft launched the Windows application for SkyDrive allowing local synchronisation and Windows Explorer integration of SkyDrive. In competition with DropBox, Apple and Google pending cloud storage offerings Microsoft is leading the pack with offering 7Gb of free storage in SkyDrive for new customers. It is existing users of SkyDrive that I’m calling out... Continue Reading →

How to Convert A SharePoint 2010 Web App from Classic Mode Authentication to Claims Mode

Today I found myself in the following scenario; I had created a new Web Application with an authentication type of Claims Mode, and just using Windows Integrated Authentication (NTLM). I then extended the web application to a new zone (on which I was going to enabled Forms based authentication). To my surprise, when I tried... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Product Release Schedule Leaked (including SharePoint 15 and Office 15)

The following slides were leaked yesterday by Maarten Visser (chief executive of Meetroo, an IT solution provider). Although no word on the slides authenticity has come out of Microsoft, respected IT journalist Mary-Jo Foley has backed the slides stating they were confidentially distributed by Microsoft to selected partners.   What does this means for SharePoint... Continue Reading →

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