Free SkyDrive Upgrade from 7GB to 25GB

This week Microsoft launched the Windows application for SkyDrive allowing local synchronisation and Windows Explorer integration of SkyDrive. In competition with DropBox, Apple and Google pending cloud storage offerings Microsoft is leading the pack with offering 7Gb of free storage in SkyDrive for new customers.

It is existing users of SkyDrive that I’m calling out to in the post. If you already have a SkyDrive account you can claim 25Gb of storage for free. Getting the extra space added to your account doesn’t happen automatically though, you need to log into your SkyDrive account through the web interface and upgrade it. If you’ve got an existing SkyDrive account I encourage you to do this now in-case the offer is retracted in future.





About Cameron Dwyer

Chief Technology Officer at OnePlace Solutions. Microsoft MVP: Office Dev Passionate about delivering compelling solutions on the Office 365/SharePoint platform. Addicted to coffee.

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  1. Thanks Cameron, and Thanks Microsoft.

    25gb to sawp files between iOS, my Mac, and my PCs will be lovely.


    • The 25Gb offer from Microsoft is really awesome compared with the free offers on DropBox and Google at the moment (5Gb). It will be interesting to see if the others are now forced to increase the storage space in their free cloud offerings.


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