OnePlaceMail R6.3 Launched (BCS, Performance, SharePoint 2013 Support)

Scinaptic OnePlaceMail Release 6.3 has been launched this week with both the Enterprise Edition and free Express Edition now available to download. The focus of this release has been delivering greater performance, and improved usability and tighter integration with business workflows and line of business systems. New features include; Performance: increase of up to 95%... Continue Reading →

How to Export SharePoint 2010 External Content Types (BDC Metadata Models) to Xml File

External content types are defined through XML files referred to as “BDC metadata models”. These BDC metadata models can be created in both SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio. The technique used to create the BDC metadata models determines the technique used to export it. Models created using Visual Studio can be exported directly through the... Continue Reading →

Issues Setting Up External Content Type Filters in SharePoint Designer

I was recently investigating some of the options with External Content Type (ECT) filters that you can setup in SharePoint Designer. In particular, the following 2 settings did not appear to make any difference if I enabled or disabled them. Is Default Use to create match list in external item picker At first I thought... Continue Reading →

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