OnePlaceMail R6.3 Launched (BCS, Performance, SharePoint 2013 Support)

Scinaptic OnePlaceMail Release 6.3 has been launched this week with both the Enterprise Edition and free Express Edition now available to download.

The focus of this release has been delivering greater performance, and improved usability and tighter integration with business workflows and line of business systems.

New features include;

  • Performance: increase of up to 95% when saving emails and email attachments to SharePoint
  • Business Connectivity Services: Line of business data surfaced directly within Microsoft Outlook, Office and File Explorer with no additional configuration required
  • People and Groups: Significant enhancements for SharePoint People/Groups columns support
  • Launch: A new capability to launch actions and applications from within Microsoft Outlook
  • Support for SharePoint 2013 Preview

We are really happy with the rich level of functionality that we have been able to provide in integrating OnePlaceMail with existing SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services (BCS). The OnePlaceMail solution is a ‘zero configuration’ option which simply just works with your existing BCS setup.

We have concentrated our efforts on providing the most useable interface possible, delivering high performance over large datasets. Seeing is believing so please take 5 minutes to watch it in action in the How to use SharePoint Business Connectivity Services from within Microsoft Outlook video.





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