New Features to Expect in Outlook 15 / Office 15

Yesterday Paul Thurrett posted a great blog Office 15: The Mile-High View discussing some of the new features and architecture of Office 15. Of particular interest to me was the following information regarding Outlook 15 and Office extensibility through Agave. Outlook 15 Hundreds of millions of users live in Outlook each day, making it the... Continue Reading →

More details emerge on “Agaves”– Office 15 development

The following information appeared in an article written by Tom Warren on The Verge: Microsoft is planning to allow developers to create "Agaves" web extensions to bring third-party functionality to Office clients. Web developers will be able to create an area within an Office application that lets webpages interact with documents and augment content with... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Product Release Schedule Leaked (including SharePoint 15 and Office 15)

The following slides were leaked yesterday by Maarten Visser (chief executive of Meetroo, an IT solution provider). Although no word on the slides authenticity has come out of Microsoft, respected IT journalist Mary-Jo Foley has backed the slides stating they were confidentially distributed by Microsoft to selected partners.   What does this means for SharePoint... Continue Reading →

Microsoft’s Office 15 Now in Technical Preview

Microsoft’s next version of Office has reached its technical preview stage. The platform is being distributed to a select group of testers which for the first time includes customers; a public beta is due mid 2012. With Office 15 Microsoft is updating the whole suite at once. “For the first time ever, we will simultaneously update... Continue Reading →

Office 15 to Provide Significant Boost to Microsoft’s Revenues in 2013

Office 2010 was a huge hit and sold more than 100 million licenses. It showed an 8% increase in revenue last quarter, compensating for the lull in Windows sales. However, sales are expected to slow down considerably in 2012, as it becomes more than 2 years old. It recently launched Office 365, an on-demand, cloud... Continue Reading →

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