Office 15, Agaves and SharePoint Connector

I’m a little pressed for time to write my own blog pulling together the snippets of info that have been circulating related to Agaves and the new development opportunities that Office 15 will bring with it. Until I get time to blog here’s a great primer (all credit to Learning SharePoint for this information)

“Agaves” is a name given to web extensions that you can write in HTML 5 and JavaScript to enhance the existing capabilities of the New Office 15 suite. Agaves will be launched with Office 15(just guessing) which is suppose to be released in beta version later this summer.

Lets look at basic features of Agaves –

* Agaves will be written using HTML5 and JavaScript. Sources also say that Office JavaScript application programming interface (API) will be used to create different kinds of Agaves.

* Agaves will be available for download from the coming Office 15 in-app marketplace.

* There will exist different kinds of Agaves, including Content Agaves and Task Pane Agaves.

Now lets see how does it matter to our beloved SharePoint.

According to this post from Mary Jo Foley, there will exist a SharePoint connection on the Agave front and SharePoint apps will be able to be integrated with Agaves. So here is a golden chance to create applications targeted to Office suite which integrates well with SharePoint.

via All about SharePoint and Agaves : Learning SharePoint.


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