New Features to Expect in Outlook 15 / Office 15

Yesterday Paul Thurrett posted a great blog Office 15: The Mile-High View discussing some of the new features and architecture of Office 15. Of particular interest to me was the following information regarding Outlook 15 and Office extensibility through Agave. Outlook 15 Hundreds of millions of users live in Outlook each day, making it the... Continue Reading →

More details emerge on “Agaves”– Office 15 development

The following information appeared in an article written by Tom Warren on The Verge: Microsoft is planning to allow developers to create "Agaves" web extensions to bring third-party functionality to Office clients. Web developers will be able to create an area within an Office application that lets webpages interact with documents and augment content with... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Document Sets – Saving emails & documents

This new video is a great starting point for getting the most out of OnePlaceMail if you are looking to store related Email and Documents in Documents Sets in SharePoint 2010. The video shows SharePoint 2010 Documents Sets being used as a container to store email messages and documents for projects/tasks. The screencast shows interacting... Continue Reading →

A faster SharePoint 2013 (SP15) browser experience thanks to MDS?

What is MDS and how does it effect the SharePoint browser experience? There is very little documentation around regarding MDS (which stands for Minimal Download Strategy). It appears to be a technology that Microsoft is introducing with the next release of SharePoint (SharePoint 15 / SharePoint 2013). I make this wild assumption as I’ve not... Continue Reading →

The Graphic that explains why so many find social media marketing so complex

The following image (courtesy of Buddy Media) show the current landscape of social media marketing. It’s no wonder so many companies struggle with a strategy to harness social media as an effective marketing tool. Click image to view at full size. I’m not here to guide you in the right direction – I don’t know... Continue Reading →

It’s here! – Join the new OnePlaceMail User Community Site

After years of sending and receiving lots of great ideas, tips, problem solutions related to the OnePlaceMail product and SharePoint in general this week saw the launch of the OnePlaceMail User Community Site. Engage now with other OnePlaceMail users in the community, ask questions, provide enhancement suggestions, report problems and importantly - if you love... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Wiki on Upcoming Enhancements to Office 365

One major shift from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint via Office 365 from an Administrators point of view is that you now don’t get a chance to test/evaluate enhancements and the impact they will have on your users / applications that you have built on top of SharePoint. With SharePoint on-premise you could always apply the... Continue Reading →

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