It’s here! – Join the new OnePlaceMail User Community Site

imageAfter years of sending and receiving lots of great ideas, tips, problem solutions related to the OnePlaceMail product and SharePoint in general this week saw the launch of the OnePlaceMail User Community Site.

Engage now with other OnePlaceMail users in the community, ask questions, provide enhancement suggestions, report problems and importantly – if you love the software, tell someone and give praise!

Community Site highlights

  • Ask the OnePlaceMail community questions (also moderated by the OnePlaceMail team)
  • Share your ideas, provide feedback and suggestions for future enhancements
  • Report problems and allow both the user community and OnePlaceMail Team help you
  • Keep abreast of product announcements
  • Share your praise

Our Development Priorities Driven by You

I’m excited to see this new public area for suggestions for future enhancements, it’s something we have always encouraged from our users but never has it been so public. The OnePlaceMail Community Site takes it one step further and encourages you to ‘vote up’ your favourite suggestions. As part of the OnePlaceMail development team, we will be using this list to determine priorities of our product backlog. So please let us know what’s most important to you – and be heard!


If you are using OnePlaceMail or interested in knowing more then please come and join the community.


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