SharePoint 15 Beta Pushed Back… Maybe?

I was just reading an article on SPTech by David Rubinstein written yesterday which is hinting the SharePoint 15 public beta will line up with the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas in November – makes sense to me. Rewind the clock to the SharePoint conference in Vegas (2009) when they pulled the covers off SharePoint 2010. The buzz at the conference was massive due to all the anticipation of the new release. If Microsoft has good reason to push it back it can only help boost the numbers and success of the conference.

It appears the timeframe for the release of the beta of the next version of SharePoint has been pushed back from a summertime delivery until the fall. I say it “appears” this way because Microsoft does not discuss product release dates, and this information has been pulled from the rumor mill. But, as multiple people have told me the same thing, I feel confident passing this along as solid information. I’m told Microsoft intends to have something in people’s hands by the time of the company’s SharePoint conference in November. Speculation is that as Microsoft tried to align its SharePoint and Windows 8 releases, something unexpected arose, pushing things back.


About Cameron Dwyer

Chief Technology Officer at OnePlace Solutions. Microsoft MVP: Office Dev Passionate about delivering compelling solutions on the Office 365/SharePoint platform. Addicted to coffee.

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