Is SharePoint 2013 Release Imminent?

I came across a blog post on Bjørn Furuknap’s SharePoint Blog stating that he has now published his final issue in the series “What to Expect from SharePoint 2013”. This has been one of the richest sources of information regarding SharePoint 2013 (SharePoint 15) over recent months. Bjørn is now working on material for post SharePoint 2013 public beta release. Would Bjørn be cutting off his popular (and i guessing profitable) pre-public release series if the public release was not imminent? I don’t think so.

SharePoint 2013 – Team Site Screenshot (believed to be a concept screenshot rather than actual product screenshot – click to enlarge)

sharepoint-2013-sharepoint 15-concept-team-site-metro


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  1. Bjørn started his series since he hasn’t got access on SP… so – he’s definately doesn’t have the exact schedules either…


    1. This quote from one of his recent blogs makes me think he has some level of access to the beta software.

      I’ve seen secret screenshots of the installation of more recent Office builds using the Office 2013 name, but nothing I could share publicly, but now there’s a public source so it’s confirmed and general knowledge, at least very quickly.


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