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  1. Tobias Magnus

    Thank you very much! I was looking for exactly this solution 🙂


  2. you save my life !!!! 🙂 I spent all week to find solution grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hope Microsoft fix this problem because I cant image to add everybody something to host file


  3. This website may also be useful since it shows you how to setup any email with any version of outlook.
    Hope it helps!


  4. I’ve been trying to fix this for days….I’ve called Microsoft numerous times..just to be told to go look at a god dam web page that I’ve already looked at. Then they tell me that they want to charge me for some ticket request that someone will answer at some time in the future. I really don’t think this is worth it.

    I’m investigating a Google or Apple solution. I think you need to be a software engineer to use Microsoft products. I guess this is why they are losing so much market share. I don’t want to be a software engineer. I just want this basic crap to work so I can check my e-mail. This company is ridiculous……


  5. Thanks, my e-mail is running now, but after this setting, I can remove the alteration in hosts file?

    Because when I open Outlook this message appeared:

    “Security Alert

    Information you exchange with this site cannot be viewed or changed by others. However, there is a problem with the site´s security certificate.

    The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site.

    Do you want to proceed?

    View Certificate…


  6. Great! thank you verry MUCH!


  7. great !!! This was exactly what I needed !!! Thanks


  8. Eduardo Peralta

    I love you Cameron Dwyer!!!! If you were a woman, i would seek you around the world and make you a marriage proposal!!!

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