Solving the “Boot Failed. EFI SCSI Device” error when installing Windows 2012 Server on Hyper-V

I’ve installed Windows 2012 server on a few Hyper-V images in the past but ran into an error that looked unfamiliar. I created my Hyper-V machine, configured it with a dynamic hard drive, added a DVD and mounted the Windows Server 2012 ISO making sure the DVD drive was top of the boot order and started it up.


I was then presented with a black screen an the error message:

Boot Failed. EFI SCSI Device.


Here’s the long winded explanation from the Senior Program Manager of the Hyper-V team (John Howard).

The short answer: It’s because the virtual machine was created as a Generation 2 machine rather than Generation 1.


To get past this error simply hold down a key as you start up the virtual machine. You’ll notice at the top of the error screen it says “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD…..” the issue is that it doesn’t wait for you to press a key, just make sure you have a key held down when it gets to this point and you should see the Windows Boot Manager prompt allowing you to boot to the DVD image.


Then hey presto you’ll get a successful boot to DVD and the Windows Setup window you expected.


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  1. Unchecking Enable Secure Boot in the Settings > Firmware section did the job for me. I did not have a problem with this when loading Server 2012R2 but did when trying to install Win7, Win8 and Server 2008R2.


  2. i am holding it,
    but never succeeded
    what other options i have?


  3. THanks much.. This helped 🙂


  4. Thank you; such a simple solution, for a problem that had me scratching my head!


  5. thank you for the help. It worked


  6. Thank you!


  7. oracle virtualbox seems so much easier


  8. thank you soooooo much! i’ve spent nearly a week trying to get this problem fixed before i encounterd your article 🙂

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  9. thanks this worked


  10. You may of added your DVD after your hard drive, ? You need to change the boot order

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  11. Thank you!

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  12. Saved the day !

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  13. Jignesh Prajapati

    Thanks I am able to fix my issue with this


  14. Can you mount an ISO file to boot from using Generation 2? My understanding is Generation 2 is more secure. I’d like to keep it that way.


  15. sachin Phadatare

    very helpful…awsum….


  16. very helpful, if you are doing this remotely, you may have to wait for it to fail, then when it says hit any key to retry boot sequence, hit any key and hold it. Then it works.

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  17. Rory Geoghegan

    Thank you! Worked like a charm!

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