How to fix mouse cursor disappearing on Remote Desktop

I wrote a blog post a while back about the disappearing mouse cursor in Visual Studio on virtual machines that I’d connect to using remote desktop. It seems the problem is more widespread and affects most input or editing controls across many applications in the remote desktop session. For example the mouse cursor disappears in Notepad, Word, Excel and other applications.


Thankfully the fix is a pretty simple one. On the guest machine (that you are remoting into) simply edit the current Windows theme and change the mouse cursor.


In the Mouse properties window, change the Scheme to Windows Black (system scheme)


Say hello to your cursor when editing text again!

13 thoughts on “How to fix mouse cursor disappearing on Remote Desktop

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  1. Oh my gawd, I’d have your babies if it were biologically possible!!!! This has annoyed, angered, frustrated and wasted time for me for SO LONG!!!

    As part of my job I do A LOT of manual editing of large XML config and CSS files directly on servers with Notepad++, and the disappearing cursor has plauged me for over a 2 years now! (since I got my Surface Pro 4).

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

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  2. GUEST or HOST! : I was messed up by which Windows’s pointer would I change for ( Guest or Host ). It’s work when I change the guest os one. Think this help any others like me.

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    1. Thanks for leaving your comments, you’re right it might help others! So much so that I’ve updated the article to point out that you should make the change ion the guest (machine that you are remoting into). Thanks


  3. Brilliant! I do almost all my work over RDP and this was driving me crazy! I don’t know how many mistakes I made because I couldn’t see the (expletive deleted) mouse pointer.

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