☑ Create Microsoft To Do Tasks from any webpage with this browser extension

I’m constantly looking for ways to get myself organised and be more productive. Changing technology often forces me to move away from old methods, discover and embrace new. I’m now using Microsoft To Do as my daily tasks list to keep me on track. Microsoft has been unifying it’s task management efforts around To Do and we are now seeing far better integration with Outlook email and Planner tasks. A major enabler for me to switch to using To Do was the discovery of the Add to Microsoft To Do Chrome browser extension that allows you to create a To Do Task from any web page with a few clicks. This is epic given many of my tasks originate from webpages or web based systems. I had planned on developing my own extension until I found this one and so far I’ve been impressed and it gets the job done.

The familiar To Do icon is always present at the top of the browser and the web page title and URL are automatically captured. I also love that you can choose which of your Task lists to add it to and can even configure a reminder date/time right from the in-browser pop-up window.

Using Microsoft Edge? No problem, read my post that shows you how to install any browser extension from the Chrome App store into Microsoft Edge.


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