How to Capture and Save Images Directly to SharePoint Using Snagit and OnePlaceMail – Part 1

Snagit is a great tool for capturing almost anything that appears on your computer screen, adding annotations or editing the capture and then saving the result.

In this article I’ll show you how to extend Snagit by using the powerful features of OnePlaceMail to save the Snagit capture to a location in SharePoint.

If you are not already using OnePlaceMail you can download the Express Edition (free for up to 25 users within a company) from

Procedure: Set up OnePlaceMail as a Snagit Output

This procedure will configure OnePlaceMail as a selectable Snagit output. This allows you to create Snagit captures, edit the resulting capture and then select OnePlaceMail as an output when you are ready to save the file to SharePoint.

1. Open Snagit Output Properties (right click system tray icon | Output | Properties…)


2. Click the Add… button


3. Click the folder icon to browse for executable to run


4. Browse to the installation directory of OnePlaceMail and select SendToHandler.exe


5. Change Display Name from “SendToHandler” to “OnePlaceMail”, accept the default Parameters and click ok.


6. Leave default file naming and storage location and click ok.


7. Now you can save any file directly to SharePoint from the Snagit editor by choosing Send |Program |OnePlaceMail


8. OnePlaceMail will start and you can use the standard OnePlaceMail Save to SharePoint interface to:

· Select the destination location in SharePoint

· Enter any meta-data (SharePoint column values)

· Rename the file

· Save to SharePoint


Continue reading Part 2 of this article



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