Golder Associates (7,800 employees) has turned to OnePlaceMail to encourage adoption of its SharePoint project workspace

Golder Associates, a global company providing consulting, design, and construction services from 160 offices worldwide and with nearly 7800 employees, has turned to OnePlaceMail to encourage adoption of its SharePoint project workspace.

“When we trialled OnePlaceMail it was an immediate fit, as the drag and drop features embedded directly into Outlook and provides staff with an efficient and easy to use tool for the management and migration of project information into the specified SharePoint libraries,” said program manager Greg Stimson.

“The success of our OnePlaceMail adoption can be measured by the amount of emails and attachments brought into the project workspace – and this is growing daily,”.

The ability to save critical email into the project workspace was identified as an essential element in terms of information management and collaboration; however, it was the need to make it easy for the user to save emails and automatically capture email related metadata direct from Outlook that led to OnePlaceMail.

Utilizing their intranet, with SharePoint as the principal platform, Project Managers create ‘project workspaces’ for all project related documentation – enabling better collaboration and knowledge sharing across the many projects which Golder Associates is managing around the world.

“With two major releases in 18 months it is evident that Scinaptic have a highly concentrated development schedule for OnePlaceMail which delivers even more benefits to us as users”.

Read more at Image & Data Manager


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