Guide to Setting up SharePoint Site Mailboxes on SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013

Let’s face it, if you are tasked with setting up the new SharePoint Site Mailboxes for a proof of concept, or in your production environment it’s not a 5 minute exercise and the official documentation provided by Microsoft at this stage is lacking somewhat in detail.

Chances are that you’ve been tasked with setting this up because you are either:

  • The SharePoint Guru
  • The Exchange Guru
  • Someone pretending to be (or forced to be) one of the above

The difficulty I can see with this is that you have to have a decent understanding of both SharePoint and Exchange in order to perform the setup. The setup requires installations and configuration on both the SharePoint Server and the Exchange Server.

With that in mind, the OnePlaceMail team have published a step-by-step guide to setting up SharePoint Site Mailboxes with screenshots every step of the way. The guide takes you from a default SharePoint 2013 server and Exchange 2013 server and goes through the entire process to get them talking to together so that you can start provisioning SharePoint Site Mailboxes.



This article provides step by step instructions for setting up site mailboxes on-premise.
If you are using Office 365, please skip this article and move to the “Provisioning of a Site Mailbox” article as Office 365 environments have the Exchange and SharePoint pre-requisite configuration described in this article setup already.
This article will be useful for both SharePoint and Exchange administrators as the configuration process involves both environments.
In addition to the original Microsoft article (you can find the reference below) this article provides detailed steps regarding creating self-signed certificates and establishing trust relationships between SharePoint and Exchange with these certificates.




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