OnePlaceMail 6.4 – Future-proofing, Site Mailboxes (world first), faster SharePoint access, client side view rendering and all the other goodies

Release 6.4 of OnePlaceMail is now publically available for download (both Enterprise Edition and the free Express Edition). I’m very happy to have this release now available to everyone as a lot of effort and changes led by customer feedback has gone into this release. It also represents a longer than normal release cycle for the OnePlaceMail product with almost 6 months going into this release.

This release has already been warmly accepted and rather than me filling you in on what’s new, here’s some of the news stories already out there:

Official OnePlaceMail 6.4 Release Article

Future proof your SharePoint solution with OnePlaceMail R6.4 (ready for download)

OnePlaceMail R6.4 sees a significant focus placed on the speed of access to content stored within SharePoint from desktop applications. The existing Insert from SharePoint, Open from SharePoint and Save to SharePoint windows have seen significant enhancements with support for SharePoint views and column rendering.

Release 6.4 is the first in the world to provided full support for both extending and co-existing with SharePoint 2013 Site Mailboxes. Therefore, allowing you to future-proof solutions you build today.

Many other fantastic enhancements for the capture, classification and access to SharePoint content from desktop applications have also been delivered with a smaller memory footprint and greater overall performance.


Wall Street Journal

New SharePoint Solution Addresses Site Mailboxes Limitations

IT departments worldwide still grapple with SharePoint user adoption and question how best to achieve true collaboration and content management. In particular, one of the biggest sticking points seems to be email, which is still a primary business communication tool and one which people use to share, store and search for documents. Microsoft recently attempted to address this challenge with the addition of Site Mailboxes but it falls short. But OnePlaceMail 6.4 dually enhances SharePoint 2013’s best attributes and fills the gaps.

Image and Data Manager (IDM)

Many views of SharePoint with OnePlaceMail 6.4

Scinaptic Communications promises speedier access to content from desktop applications with the latest update to OnePlaceMail, the company’s solution for improving connections between SharePoint and Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer.

To support this in Release 6.4, OnePlaceMail’s existing “Insert from SharePoint”, “Open from SharePoint” and “Save to SharePoint” windows have been enhanced with support for SharePoint Views and Column rendering.

Release 6.4 also adds some significant enhancements to the “Insert from SharePoint” Window that multiply the range of ways that content can be viewed and accessed.


OnePlaceMail Helps SharePoint Remove Limitations
As useful a tool as e-mail is, it still has its limits. There are just some things that simply aren’t programmed into it, so there’s nothing that can be done, right? Well, Scinaptic Communications has improved its OnePlaceMail product, helping users bring Microsoft SharePoint to their email and Office environments.
This is a nice step up from the current capabilities of Outlook, Office, and Explorer, helping better link them together and remove many of their limitations. Those who constantly find themselves having to use all of the above will greatly benefit from OnePlaceMail 6.4. This will also help improve adoption of all of them, for those who use one will now be able to benefit further from the others. It’s a situation that should go well for all involved, from the IT Department and on.

CFO World

Local developers target end user adoption issues with world first software

OnePlaceMail 6.4 is the first and only product worldwide that both complements and extends the new SharePoint 2013 Site Mailboxes functionality to overcome critical limitations, such as the inability to capture email attributes when saving emails or their attachments; minimal Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) integration; inability to tag content with custom metadata; and no intuitive File Explorer integration.


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