SharePoint Conference 2014 Las Vegas – Essential Links


These are the essential resources I’ll be keeping my eye on as the SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas draws nearer.


The Official Site Conference Site

Goes without saying, this site IS the official conference site. Announcements, news and details released here are the real deal and your getting the information first hand.


SharePoint Conference Party Calendar #SPC14

Joel Oleson is keeping track of SharePints, parties, and events both official and unofficial. Joel’s party guidance in previous years has proven spot on so I hope he comes through with the good again this year!


Melalogix Best of Breed Awards and Gala 2014

This looks like it will be one of the largest unofficial parties. There’s limited tickets so keep your eyes and ears open on how to get your hands on a ticket for this one.


President Bill Clinton will deliver the keynote address at SharePoint Conference 2014

How often do you get to see an (ex) American President in the flesh? I won’t be missing the keynote, even if I’m more than a little lost of the connection between Bill and SharePoint!


The 2014 Microsoft Product Roadmap

My (obvious) tip is that the most significant announcements coming from Microsoft at the conference will be in relation to the 2014 product roadmap. Why wait for the conference? Take a look at this reference to see new updates and release expected soon or around conference time. Some details of what they include is already available. This may influence which sessions you decide to go to…


Collabshow Feed on all things SPC14

The Collabshow website has a page dedicated to all things SPC14. The website is run by Joel Oleson and is well worth keeping an eye on for news as the conference gets closer.


SPC14 Survival and Readiness Guide

Why start from scratch and try to think of everything yourself? People have already started putting together checklists and info packs on how to get the most out of the conference (even old guides from SPC12 are still quite relevant). This is one of the better one to emerge.


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