Talking Office Add-in Development and DevOps on the Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast

I’m a regular listener of the Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast as I find it a great way (and efficient way) to stay across the news and what’s happening in this space. My tips as to other ways I keep up to date on the latest news

Having listened to the show for so long I got a buzz out of being the guest this week. The topic of conversation centred around development of Office add-ins and I shared some of the techniques we use at OnePlace Solutions in building our commercial Office add-ins products. In particular, I talked about our DevOps pipeline/automation that allows us to do both code review and user acceptance testing of a Pull Request by provisioning independent hosted Add-ins for each Pull Request as they are created or modified. Also how we use a single add-in on dev/tester machine to dynamically select which Pull Request build of the add-in to run, streamlining the test process and also ensuring high quality shippable code before a Pull Request is accepted into a shared branch.

You can listen to the full podcast here – happy listening 🔊

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