Developer Sessions at Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon Conference

I’ll be giving two developer oriented sessions at the free Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon conference May 4-6 2022. Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon is a free, online, 60-hour event happening May 4-6, 2022. We will have content going the whole time with speakers from around the globe. This event is free for all wanting to attend. Join us as we talk about the many different pieces of Microsoft 365, including Azure.

Get Started Building Apps using the Microsoft Graph Toolkit

The Microsoft Graph Toolkit is allowing Graph powered apps to be created incredibly quickly. Leave this session knowing what the Microsoft Graph is and how write your first Graph powered web app using the Microsoft Graph Toolkit. Basic knowledge of HTML is all that’s required to get the most from this session.

Got an Idea for an Office Add-in and Don’t Know Where to Start? Let’s Build One Together

Office add-ins have the potential to keep people focused and in context of what they are doing by bringing information and custom functionality to where people work inside the Office applications. This session will go through the basics of what Office Add-ins are and how to build them. During this session we will demonstrate the concepts by creating a new Outlook Add-in starting from nothing, giving you the knowledge and confidence to start building add-ins on your own.

Register for free now and get the event into your calendar.


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